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Out & About Pensacola

Out & About Pensacola is a Northwest Florida regional digital magazine whose focus is to cover and uncover all the events, places and faces in Pensacola and the surrounding areas. We publish articles, reviews and events daily.

We are an entrepreneurial team – in its truest form. This startup grew out of a love for the area and wanting to uncover more of what the Pensacola area has to offer.

At Out & About Pensacola, we have a firm grasp on how to leverage social media to reach a larger audience. We have a website, Twitter, Google+ and Facebook presence.

Our goal is not only to show all the amazing things there are to do in Pensacola, but we also want to connect local businesses to our Northwest Florida audience.

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We work independently. Our mantra is to reach all demographics. As an example, Out and About recently identified an unfulfilled niche in fishing tournament coverage along the Gulf Coast. Each year there are many popular fishing tournaments hosted by bait and tackle establishments. The tournaments have large followings from the organizers, vendors, participants and the spectators — a large amount of time and money is invested in each event. Out and About positioned itself to be the only single source where anyone can check on weigh-ins, boats and anglers. This coverage has far-reaching appeal.

Future Endeavors

  • Battle of the Foods (Icing Icing Baby Cupcake Wars; KoBeef or Go Home Burger Wars, and more battles to come in 2013)
  • Taking thrift store bargains into stylish threads
  • Development of mobile phone apps to advertise food and beverage specials, and events near the user’s location.
  • Do-it-yourself weddings, parties, clothing, crafts and more.
  • Video series on our YouTube channel covering local events.
  • featuring local reviews of restaurants
  • – covering all cobia and fishing tournaments
  • And many more exciting ventures to come

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Our target audience is EVERYONE

Out and About has far reaching appeal. The goal is to reach every target demographic in Northwest Florida. We will leverage every avenue to reach every group of people. This is a big order to fill, but we are up for the challenge.

Current methods to reach our audiences are publishing articles on our website, social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,Google+, etc.), event calendars and networking with other local Pensacola websites.

Future methods of reaching our audiences will include two new websites and, printed media, printed O&A Survival Guides (Mardi Gras, holidays, cobia madness, Memorial Day Weekend), TV and radio media, billboards and  other means to reach Northwest Florida.


Our readership finds us through our social media, our website, regular email updates, RSS feeds and from their friends.

Website – Approximately 3,000 hits a month and growing

Email  Approximately 200 subscribers and growing

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Out & About Pensacola operates in a blog style format. We don’t have issue dates, we post our content when it is ready to be uploaded to our website. We don’t want our readers to have to wait for time sensitive information about the Northwest Florida area.

Our website is full of food reviews, interviews, events, how-tos, lifestyle pieces and special features a minimum of twice per week.

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With all that we have to offer, our rate of growth, affordable prices and all of the features we have coming, it just makes sense to advertise with us. What do you have to lose?

Contact us by one of the methods below to speak to our advertising marketing experts to see how Out & About can get you exposure and customize your marketing plan.



Phone: (850) 696-7562

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