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Dinosaur Jr. at Vinyl Music Hall

dino jr 1 dino jr 2 dino jr 3 dino jr 4 dino jr 5 dino jr 6Dinosaur Jr. at Vinyl Music Hall was certainly one of the most well-attended shows hosted at Pensacola’s premier live music venue.

Standing room only was only outsold by Sardine Section. If this show had happened before 1993, not only would nearly half of the people attending tonight’s show would have attended it at Sluggo’s, it would also be among the somewhat mythical live shows of Pensacola music history, R.E.M. at McGuigan’s Speakeasy and The Ramones at Gulf Breeze Holiday Inn, which more people claim to have attended than would actually fit in those venues.

Before J Mascis (guitar, vocals), Lou Barlow (bass, vocals), and Murph (drums) took the stage, the 800-pound gorilla in the room was the 800 pounds of Marshall Stacks for guitar hero J Mascis, which used three of these beasts to outperform the house P.A.

The set list played like a perfect mix-tape for the band. Starting off with a trio of classics, they set a tone that showed why they hold their own among The Pixies and Nirvana in a tightly crafted Pandora playlist. “Lost All Day” was the first of five songs off their 15 song playlist and latest LP, “Give a Glimpse of What Yer Not.” It wasn’t long before the crowd favorites were played. Loudly! Including their highest charting song, “Feel the Pain” from “Without a Sound” and “Freak Scene” from a cassette that logged plenty of hours in car stereos, “Bug.” Oh yeah, and they played “Just Like Heaven!” from the 1989 EP of the same name and The Cure cover.

The show was as much live music energy as it was 90’s indie culture time machine. If you missed it, well you can always tell someone you saw them at The Handlebar in 1993!


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