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Austin City Limits Music Festival Second Weekend Day 2

Pensacola native reports on ACL Music Fest Day 2-

Day 2 of weekend 2 brought us much nicer weather — not so hot and more cloud coverage.

The first show we saw was Live. They were really cool actually. They played all their hits from “I Alone” to “My Love for You” They also did a tribute to Chris Cornell singing “I’ll wait for you there” or whatever the song is called (Chris Cornell was frontman for Audioslave and the song is called Like a Stone.)


We then walked by a highly energetic set from Russ. Don’t know many of his songs but the crowd was definitely moving their feet.



We checked out a folky set from Angel Olsen. Pretty lovely music I would like to give her another listen to at some point.


Next up was Glass Animals. They were super cool and were excited to be there. The lead singer at one point told the crowd he used to live in Texas which met a heavy crowd cheer.


Next up on the Miller Light stage was the Austin Natives, Spoon — who tore it up. Their set was highly energetic with an eclectic mix of new and old songs. Very fun show.


We then stayed to checkout Chance the Rapper for a few songs. He opened up with “Mixtape” which set the tone for his set.


The only problem was you could hear the Chili Peppers behind us and I couldn’t resist. The Chili Peppers set was everything I wanted it to be. A lovely blend of songs and banter. Flea was up to his usual antics and the lead guitar player covered Tom Petty. They always have suck a kick ass light show and sounded great.


Ready for day 3!

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