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Dear Pensacola,

I think I am ready to get exclusive with you. Sure, I didn’t grow up here. But since moving here in 2005 to pursue a journalism degree at the University of West Florida, I have discovered a town on the beautiful Gulf of Mexico that has given me great friends, great times and a place to call home. You see, Pensacola has that special blend of small-town familiarity and cultural presence that draws in people from around the world. I know we have all heard it before– “nothing ever happens in this town, I’m bored!” You know what? I’m here to prove those naysayers wrong.

Gallery nights, art exhibits, new restaurants and festivals. Beach events, concerts, dog adopt-a-thons and the out-of-the ordinary. I’m here to cover it all and show everyone why Pensacola is not only the cat’s pajamas, but most importantly, has room to grow bigger and even better. If you see me around town, stop and say hello. E-mail me with questions, comments or a heads up about an event that you would like to see me cover. Out and About Pensacola is re-launching, and I think it is also a perfect time to relaunch your own love affair with Pensacola. This town is pretty great, and if you stick with me, I’ll show you why.


Ashley Faulkner

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