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Holy food truck, Pensacola — we have ourselves a real live mobile Crêperie.

The luscious smell alone will draw you to their location. On the day we visited they were at the corner of E. Government and S. Jefferson Streets. With un-melted ice still lingering on the ground, a warm savory or sweet crepe was right on time.


It is a moveable feast, a takeaway restaurant, or as we call them here — a food truck.

Mimi’s is a lovely little yellow truck complete with the name on the side, a French flag, a painted on chefs hat, the saying bon appetit and a menu board with the days offerings.

You order at the window, your selections are cooked by crepe chef Milan Brunet-Sabastia in front of you and served right off the crepe machine, they come out piping hot and gooey.

While we were there people were out walking and stopped by to see what Mimi’s On the Go had to offer.

Mimi’s culinary team is in collaboration with Tucker Duke’s Lunchbox, and award winning Chef Brian Cartenuto of Valparaiso, Florida.

Many of their friends told them they were crazy to open a movable restaurant, because see the owner is non other than WEAR Channel 3’s, Christina Leavenworth. She loves crepe’s, and knew we would too. Eventually they will offer other menu items that compliment crepe’s, like soups.


A crepe, if you are not already familiar, is a very thin pancake. it is usually made with wheat flour. It is cooked in pans and on a crepe griddle.

On the day we first visited (because we will be back) we tried the; chicken, pesto, onions, peppers and cheese and the fresh mozzarella, tomato, spinach, basil and balsamic vinegar crepe’s. Both were loaded with ingredients and so flavorful.

Then to top off the savory, we shared a Nutella and banana dessert crepe. It was delicious, warm and topped with whipped cream.

The thing about a crepe is that it accents the flavor of the ingredients inside, it does not overpower them like bread, a bun or even a tortilla. Crepe’s are also beautiful in color and large in size.

This writer grew up going to The Magic Pan creperie, at Plaza Frontenac in Saint Louis, Missouri. Visiting Mimi’s Bistro On the Go really brought back all those memories.

Try one today and make memories of your own with family and friends.

You can get the information on their daily whereabouts from their Facebook page.


Adress: Varies
Phone: (850) 723-9158
Facebook: www.facebook.com/mimiscrepes
Twitter: @MimisOnTheGo

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