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Jacob’s Meatloaf with Honey Sriracha Glaze

Meatloaf with Honey Sriracha Glaze Recipe

When I think of meatloaf, I think of comfort food. But I also think of my friend Moises. Almost every time I visit him, he asks me to make meatloaf, mash potatoes and corn. This meatloaf recipe is tad different from your traditional plain meatloaf. It is loaded with flavor, hidden veggies and a sweet and spicy glaze. This meatloaf is sure to satisfy even the most pickiest eaters.

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For the Meatloaf

2 lbs. of ground beef (85/15)
2 tsp. ground cumin
2 tsp. chili powder
2 tsp. ground coriander
2 tsp. garlic powder
2 tsp. onion powder
2 tsp. Italian seasoning
3 tbsp. Worcestershire sauce
3 tbsp. hot sauce, recommend Crystal’s Hot Sauce (optional)
1 tbsp salt
2 tsp ground pepper
1 cup crushed crackers/breadcrumbs
2 beaten eggs
1/2 cup of milk
1 cup of Jacob’s vegetable sofrito (view recipe)

For the Sriracha Honey Glaze

2 cups of ketchup
1/4 of Sriracha (add according to desired spice level)
1/4 of honey

For the Meatloaf

Preheat oven to 375 degrees.

In a large mixing bowl, combine the ground beef, ground cumin, chili powder, ground coriander, garlic powder, onion powder, Italian seasoning, Worcestershire sauce, hot sauce, salt, ground pepper, crushed crackers/breadcrumbs and beaten eggs mix to well combined. Place combined ingredients on a baking sheet lined with aluminum foil and shape into a loaf.

Bake for 45 minutes. After 45 minutes remove the meatloaf from oven and add the sriracha honey glaze to the top of the meatloaf. Return to the oven for an additional 15 minutes. Once the meatloaf has finished cooking, remove from oven and allow to rest for 5 minutes. Cut into slices and serve.

For the Sriracha Honey Glaze

Combine in a small mixing bowl, ketchup, sriracha and honey. Combine well.

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