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Big Hats for Big Cats

Located in the North End of Cordova Mall is the shop for all those who dig fresh hats. The Embroidery Station is just the recipe to cater to a hat lover’s appetite. You would have to travel to NY or LA in order to find the selection of New Era official team merchandise as well as vintage Mitchell and Ness fitted and snapback hats.  They also have a great selection of alternate NFL, NBA, MLB, and NCAA caps.

When they first opened in Cordova Mall, I walked through the shop and their business was mainly focused on embroidery.  The shelves were filled with blank hats, shirts, and bags. They still had a wide variety of hats to design if you wanted to make up a custom logo or use a template. All of which are great for a gift idea or business advertising. Sometimes you have to just focus on yourself and get something that is going to really set off your style, however basic you decide to keep it. (Yankees Hat So 2000!)

About a year ago, upon a stroll through the mall, I walked into the Embroidery Station and Ah Ha!! I was greeted by Big Kasi, the manager and freshness director at Embroidery Station. Awe struck was the only way I could describe the feeling I had when I took a gander upon the selection of hats. It looks like a sea of color, my eyes were swimming through the logos and designs.  Kasi was more than willing to help me find my favorite teams and since it was basketball season I landed on a Orlando Magic Throwback. It was fresher than Dougie, retail therapy at its best. I eventually lost that hat, but that is another story all together.

I payed them another visit recently without any real idea of what I wanted. Kasi wears the same size hat as myself, size 8, so he just throws me hats to try on. “Hey, I know this snapback will fit,” Kasi explains.  I ended up landing on a Mitchell and Ness Tampa Bay Buccaneers fitted throwback hat. Being a big man it is sometimes tricky to find a nice fitting cap in Pensacola. I can rightfully say that Embroidery Station has the “largest” selection of hats, quite literally. “You could wear a different hat every day of the year and much more,” Kasi stated.  Putting your own design on your hat will assure individuality no matter how basic the hat is you choose. Even a Yankees Hat. Remember, we say what we want!

There is always a new season and The Embroidery Station keeps the hats coming. This makes a perfect gift idea for all of you Christmas shopping procrastinators.   They also do engraving, custom decals, greek letters, jackets, polos, bags, heck, they do it all.  In a bright world, these hats will help keep the sun out of your eyes so you can focus on the prize. In this case the prize is freshness. Stay classy my friends!

WHO: Embroidery Station
WHERE: Located inside Cordova Mall, 5100 N 9th Ave, Pensacola, Fl
WEBSITE: embroidery-station.com
CONTACT: 850-484-9499

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