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The Nina and the Pinta from a Different Perspective

The nina and the pinta come to Pensacola

Recently, 5 1/2-year-young Patrick, and his Mom ventured out on a cool, misty day to visit the replica Columbus ships the Nina and the Pinta while the ships were docked at the Oyster Bar Restaurant and Marina on Perdido Key. It was the kind of day that shrouded the ships in the mystery of the sea.

The Nina is the most historically accurate Columbus Replica Ship ever built. It is a replica of the ship on which Columbus sailed across the Atlantic on his three voyages of discovery to the new world beginning in 1492. Columbus sailed the tiny ship over 25,000 miles. That ship was last heard of in 1501, but the new Nina has a different mission. It is a floating museum, they visit ports all over the Western Hemisphere. The Pinta was recently built in Brazil to accompany the Nina on all of her travels. She is a larger version of the archetypal caravel and offers larger deck space for walk-aboard tours and has a 40 ft. air conditioned main cabin down below with seating.

Patrick and his Mom took photos of their adventure. Out and About Pensacola decided to ask young Patrick some questions.

Patrick, you went to see the ships Nina and Pinta with your Mom the other day, we wanted to ask you some questions about what you thought about the whole experience.

Q: Were the ships larger or smaller than you were expecting?
A: They were the size I thought because I knew lots of people slept on them.

Q: Did you want to see the ships in the first place?
A: Yes. My mom showed me pictures.

Q: What do you think they did with the garbage on the ship while they were at sea for long periods of time?
A: They threw it away in the barrel garbage can. When the bag got full they put it on a barge. I think the captain did this. I didn’t see a recycling barrel. I’m not sure they recycle.

Q: What were your favorite parts of the trip to see the ships, or favorite parts about the ships themselves?
A: The man who said, “Welcome to the Pinta”, when I got Christopher Columbus’ map and looking at the ships. The barrel garbage can was pretty cool too.

Q: Did you meet any pirates?
A: No. Or was the man who said, “Welcome to the Pinta” one? I don’t know. What do you think?

Q: Were you surprised by anything you saw on the ships?
A: The area where they slept was so small and dark.

Q: Have you ever been to sea yourself?
A: Yes. Probably 20 times.

Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions for Out and About Pensacola!

Look for the ships coming to a port near you: www.thenina.com

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