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Finding Little Logan Fontana Maye

On Saturday May 24, 2014, Carl and crew were aboard the Lively One II when they heard that a 4 year old had fallen in the water and was missing. He and the crew of the boat searched as long as they could.

After getting cleaned up, and with the thought of this young man still being out there, we left our home in Gulf Breeze and went to Fort Pickens pier. We watched as search boats combed the waterways and shore looking for little Logan. We did not know his name until Sunday when we saw it on social media.

We spent all day Sunday thinking about what, how and when can we help, what can we do.

Carl was almost not going to be fishing today because we thought the boat needed work but Carl put together a crew anyway; Larry, Rino and Rino’s son joined him at the boats mooring dock for a day of snapper fishing. The boat is the Alcyone.

They limited out and when they came back in they decided to take some time and look for little Logan. They went to a part of the bay where he never goes. One of the crew asked if he should put the cobia net away and Carl said, no leave it out. Never thinking that was what they would be using it for.

Carl was the one who spotted him, his blue shorts were the first thing he saw, then they saw the body, he called to the crew to let them know they found him, everyone’s heart sunk. The team grabbed a large cobia net and scooped him up, they held him on the dive platform and called the authorities.

The authorities came and retrieved him right away.

Carl and crew were and are still devastated, but very glad that they found him to give the family some closure.

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