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Vote Yes on Pensacola’s Domestic Partnership Registry

Pensacoa's Domestic Partnership Registry

Out and About Pensacola supports voting yes to create a Domestic Partnership Registry in Pensacola. It is an important step of giving same-sex couples some of the same, basic rights that other couples in committed relationships have.

Pensacola should show that it values diversity and should adopt this registry, making Pensacola a more inclusive place for everybody, regardless of race, religion or sexual orientation. Cultivating an image of diversity and inclusiveness will also serve as an additional economic development tool as our community looks to attract new employers and create jobs for all of our residents.

From the ACLU of Florida

History could be made in Pensacola as the Pensacola City Council will vote on an ordinance to create a Domestic Partnership Registry (DPR). We need you at the meeting to help make history for fairness in our community!

Join us at the Pensacola City Council meeting to show your support for domestic partnerships.
Thursday, November 14 at 5 p.m.
222 W. Main St.
Pensacola, FL 32502

Domestic partnerships are essential for people in Pensacola who are not, or cannot get married under current law. They provide legal protections for their loved ones in situations like financial planning and medical emergencies. With DPRs flourishing across the state, now is the time for Pensacola to pass one and ensure that all couples in our community have the tools and security to build a life together and protect their families.

The DPR ordinance would be a historic move for equality in Pensacola, however we are expecting heavy resistance at the council meeting. Supporters of equality need to be at the meeting. Wear red as a sign of solidarity to show the council members that the city is ready for this ordinance.

Come to the meeting and voice your support for equality in our community.

Thank you for standing with us in defense of civil rights in Pensacola and across Florida.

ACLU of Florida

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