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Tiffany Marshall Pensacola

This is the tale of one woman’s journey to get healthy, prove it to herself, her family and friends that she can break the barriers of health and fitness.

Tiffany Helen Marshall is a woman, who like many of us was heavier than she wanted to be. When I first met her, she struck me as strong, smart and beautiful in appearance and attitude. She is all that and more.

She loves being on the cutting edge of fashion and doing unexpected things with hair, glasses, hats, shoes and accessories.

After the birth of her son, and to prepare to have another child with her love, her husband Morgan, she felt it was time for a transformation. Well, when I say she felt it was time, I mean she dove (literally) head first into swimming, running, walking, exercising, changing her eating habits, and getting her family to come along with her on this journey.

Out and About Pensacola asked Tiffany some questions about her self imposed challenge:

O&A: What is the history (or the back story) of your new life journey?
MARSHALL: I decided that after suffering the lost of my first pregnancy, and it possibly being due to being overweight, that I wasn’t going to let something that I could control be the reason I didn’t carry and deliver a healthy child. I am very determined once I set my mind on a goal to complete it. I signed up for a gym membership, Googled and found a workout routine and dedicated myself to hitting the gym before work 5 days a week.

O&A: What is your family history on physical fitness?
MARSHALL: My family says that I get my active lifestyle and outdoors desire from my father. Unfortunately, the rest of my family isn’t very active. Although all my activity seems to be rubbing off on my two closest sisters. We always joke about who’s going to get to their goal weight/size first.

O&A: What has been the hardest part of your transformation?
MARSHALL: That’s an uber easy question. It is by far the eating clean. While I don’t try to do it 100% of the time even 80% off the time is hard work. But I just remind myself that nothing worth having comes easy. Hard work=Dedication

O&A: What message do you want to send to your friends, family and loved ones?
MARSHALL: My biggest desire is that everyone knows that it begins with yourself. Find your WHY and use it to keep you going.

O&A: What does this journey mean to you?
MARSHALL: My why, my desire to have more children and raise them with healthy eating habits and active lifestyle. I want to be here to watch them grow and grow old with my hubby. I don’t want my health, again something I can control to take me from them sooner than needed. This means everything to me.

O&A: What is your next event?
MARSHALL: I know you asked my next event but I’ll give you the ones for the rest of the year.  My goal for this year is to do 14 races on 2014.  I have 5 races left.

  • Ronald McDonald Firecracker 5k-June 28th
  • All-Women Sunset TRI July 31st
  • Bushwhacker 5k 2014- Aug 2nd
  • Diva Dash Half Marathon- September 6th
  •  Santa Rosa TRI-October 4th
  •  Wine and Dine half marathon-November 2nd

Marshall adds this: I was at my heaviest when I delivered my son January 2013 at 350 lbs. They say weight falls off, but I had to work at it and still do. I’m currently at 265lbs, it has taken 17 months to get here. Weight loss takes time and dedication. I’ve learned in this journey is you will fail, I have and still do, but I never give up. I remember my “Why” and get my focus back.

You can message and follow Tiffany here: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Brickhouse-Fine-remodeling-my-curves/133474246753917?ref_type=bookmark

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