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Leap Trail Pensacola - Running Pensacola

The LEAP Trail is an official project of Leadership Pensacola Class of 2013, a program of the Greater Pensacola Chamber of Commerce. It is a playground, and outdoor recreation park consisting of the Innisfree Hotel track, and the Baptist Health Care workout circuit.

Leadership Pensacola was founded in the fall of 1982, with the first graduating class in 1983. The Greater Pensacola Chamber established the program with a goal of ensuring the community’s pool of talented leaders would be continually renewed. To date, more than 1,200 people have completed the Leadership Pensacola program and have acquired the skills, passion and connections to work effectively as community trustees.

Participants accepted into LeaP are involved in a balanced combination of retreats, day long seminars and community projects. The program is refined annually by a committed group of LeaP alumni. Area decision-makers offer their time and expertise while tours and interactive exercises are built into each day.

The Innisfree Hotel track is approximately 3 miles long. The site begins near the Pensacola International Airport at the new Hyatt Place Hotel and runs south down 12th Avenue through the Roger Scott Athletic Complex down Summit Boulevard and up Jerry Maygarden Road.

Runners, joggers, walkers, strollers, bicyclists and skateboarders are able to enjoy the track route.

The Baptist Health Care workout circuit consists of six individual workout stations, a chest press, waist balancer, sky walker, elliptical, sit up board and a leg press.

Currently, the LEAP Trail crew is close to reaching it’s fundraising goal for the Inclusive Playground. The plan for the Inclusive Playground is that it will be accessible for children and adults of all physical abilities. The plan calls for surfacing, ramps and equipment that will allow totally inclusive play.

The Leap Trail

Address: Airport Blvd., Pensacola
Email: info@leaptrail.com
Website: www.leaptrail.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/LEAPTrail

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